About Me

My Story

Four years ago, I was in the most unhealthy place of my life. I had recently given birth to my first child, had gained close to 70 pounds during my pregnancy and was not making good decisions when it came to the foods we were eating and the products we were using in our home. I realized that if I was going to be the mother, wife, and person I wanted to be, I was going to have to make a change. I started slowly because I knew that anything worth doing was worth taking my time with. I didn’t try and do it all over night and I think that was one of the biggest keys to my success.

My first battle was working to lose the weight I had gained prior to pregnancy and throughout my pregnancy. You see, prior to getting pregnant, I was taking multiple prescriptions to deal with headaches and other ailments that had plagued me for many years. I learned some of the side effects the medication could have on my child should I get pregnant, so I stopped taking them because I knew having children was something we were getting ready to do. Getting off the medication affected my appetite and mind so much, I gained close to 20 pounds before we even conceived our daughter. I had carried bad habits with me throughout my pregnancy, for example, eating for two when the baby was only the size of an apple seed 😉 These were tough habits to break especially once the baby was born and we were dealing with all of the changes that come with bringing a new baby home. I joined a weight loss support group very early on because I knew if I was going to feel better and have the energy I needed to keep up with a little one, the weight needed to come off.

Next came the home detox. After I felt like I was making good progress with my weight loss journey, I started taking a closer look at the products we were using in our home. It didn’t feel right to me to clean my bathtub with bleach and other harsh chemicals and then put my sweet, innocent baby in the tub for her bath. I gradually removed cleaners with harsh chemicals and started incorporating cleaner household products. We began using more natural diapers and wipes (I LOVE the Honest Company) and other baby care products. We started paying closer attention to the foods we were putting in our bodies and tried to buy healthier, organic options. We began limiting soda and other fast foods and simply chose to be more aware of what we were exposing ourselves and our baby to. I want to pause for a moment and say…we are nowhere near perfect, we just try and make better choices the majority of the time. We still indulge from time to time, but believe 100% that life is an 80-20 balance!

Ten months after my sweet baby girl was born, we went on a vacation that changed my life. We were on a cruise that left from San Francisco and traveled up to Alaska. The sites were beautiful and I was feeling so much better about myself and had made a lot of progress in the aspects of my life I had worked so hard to better. However, the second day of the trip, I started feeling a scratch in my throat – that feeling when you know you are coming down with something. A wonderful family friend who had joined us on the trip asked if I was open to natural forms of healthcare and would be willing to try some essential oils to see if they would help support my weakened immune system. I of course said sure, but deep down didn’t think they would actually work. As the vacation continued, I kept up with my new essential oil routine and realized my symptoms were not worsening, something I chalked up to coincidence, at the time.

The trip ended and I found myself thinking about the essential oils and if they really could have been what helped me feel better. I started doing research online learning all about the different things essential oils can do, and my curiosity was officially piqued. I ordered my first kit and thus began my beautiful journey towards natural healing and wellness with the support of certified pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. For more than a year, I experimented with the oils in my home and learned more about essential oil safety (learn more here), the importance of using a pure oil (learn more here) and different tips and tricks for incorporating essential oils into every aspect of our life (learn more here).

I soon began thinking of all of the people in my life who could benefit from using the essential oils. I simply couldn’t keep my mouth shut about the benefits, versatility, affordability and more. For the first time in a very long time, I felt empowered and so badly wanted others to feel the same way. My husband and I own two other businesses, so getting involved in another business venture was one of the last things I felt I had time for. However, I found myself taking about the oils with all of my friends, sharing samples and doing all of the things those of us who share essential oil do, and thus my little OMGessentials business was born! The fact that I represent a beautiful company with an extremely generous compensation plan, is simply the icing on the cake! Want to learn more about creating residual income and sharing natural health and wellness through the use of essential oils? Click here!