OnGuard! This is one of my favorite oils not only because of the amazing benefits it brings to my family after a long day at school/work but also because it smells so good!

OnGuard also happens to be the first essential oil from dōTERRA I ever experienced. We were on a family vacation in Alaska and I started to get that tell-tale scratch in my throat. One of our family friends, who was traveling with us from Australia, asked me if I wanted to try something natural to help support my body and I was obviously willing to try anything as we were on day two of our vacay! She gave me a little sample vial and told me it was full of an essential oil blend that is helpful for providing a quick immune boost!

OnGuard Spotlight

She told me to apply the blend under my tongue every few hours. At first the taste was super strong but after a few applications I was hooked. Not only did it taste amazing but I quickly realized my symptoms weren’t progressing, which was AMAZING! The results I had from my first oil experience completely piqued my interest! I was hungry to learn more about not only essential oils but also about dōTERRA as a company. This was three years ago and we will never look back!

At the time I was first introduced to dōTERRA, our oldest child who was ten month old at the time, was dealing with a lot of immune system issues. When I had that first powerful experience, I immediately thought of her and wondered if the essential oils could have the same positive impact on her system. I started researching and learned I could dilute the OnGuard with coconut oil and apply to the bottoms of her feet for daily immune system support. We started doing this right away and haven’t looked back.


Fast forward to today and we are happier and healthier than ever! My kids rarely miss school due to to illness and when we are exposed, we bounce back MUCH quicker. Couple this with the fact that I actually get to share these blessings with other people for a living and empower other individuals and families to care for themselves naturally – seriously such a huge blessing!

In addition to topical and internal application of OnGuard, we also love diffusing it along with Wild Orange and Lemon, which not only creates an amazing aroma that uplifts my family but it also boosts our immune systems at the same time.

Another of my favorite ways to use this oil is the beadlet form. OnGuard Beadlets contain 1/4 of a drop of oil from the bottle which is the perfect amount if you need a quick pick me up, a fast immune boost or even a breath freshener!

OnGuard Beadlets

OnGuard is one of the most popular oils blends at dōTERRA because of its wide range of uses. How have you used the oil in your home?

Ready to have your healthiest fall ever?! Let’s connect to chat about your needs and to come up with a personalized wellness plan for yourself and your family! I promise you will thank me!

Want to learn even more about OnGuard? Check out this post directly from dōTERRA!

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