I can very vividly remember how I felt each year on the night before school started. I would lay in my bed and think about which of my friends would be in my class, how I would like my new teachers and whether or not I would develop new friendships. It always took longer than normal to fall asleep on those nights because I always had some worries and anxieties that crept in as well.

I worried if I would struggle in math, have trouble connecting with people and, quite frankly, if I would feel comfortable. It was always so hard for me to fall asleep and the morning before school was always met with apprehension, nerves and worry. I think many of these things are normal emotions for the majority of us out there regardless of whether we want to admit it or not!

My kids are still super little, but as a holistic minded mom, I am always trying to find different ways to support their growing bodies and minds. In our home we use essential oils aromatically and topically to help ease any emotional struggles we may be experiencing. The concept of aromatherapy was something I was always aware of but I never fully understood the magnitude of the benefits and the idea we can use natural essences of plants to support our emotions is pretty amazing.

With my kids heading to school in a few short weeks, you can bet we will have some of our favorite blends diffusing in the morning when we get ready. A few of my morning go-to diffuser blends are:

Serenity and Citrus Bliss – Calming and invigorating to ease jitters and uplift the mood. This blend smells ah-mazing!

Peppermint and Wild Orange – Another morning favorite! Peppermint is stimulating for the mind and Wild Orange has wonderful uplifting aroma. One of my favorite combos for creating a pleasant environment in the mornings.

Balance and Bergamot – Grounding and anti-anxiety. Love this blend to help support negative emotions that lead to stress and worry! This combo smells super yummy, too!

Another great way to use essential oils to help ease back to school jitters is to apply the oils topically on the wrists and back of the neck. I love creating blends in rollerballs for convenience and ease of use! A few of my favorite blends are:

Serenity and Balance – This blend is amazing for calming and grounding. It smells amazing and our household is quite simply obsessed! I personally carry this blend with me everywhere I go!

Lavender and Frankincense – Another great blend for calming and easing nervous feelings. Lavender is one of the most calming oils out there and Frankincense is perfect for anyone who regularly deals with feelings of stress. The two together is perfect to apply before heading off to school, work or any other destination where you may deal with these emotions!

Motivate and Cheer – These two oils are part of dōTERRA’s Emotional Aromatherapy line and I LOVE blending them together. This blend is amazing for its encouraging and uplifting properties and another one I love to use topically as needed.

It’s completely natural to feel those typical jitters before heading back to school. I love the fact that we have natural remedies in our home to not only support our little ones but also ourselves as well. The emotional benefits of essential oils are real and extremely powerful. If you are ready to leverage that in your home, check out my KITS for getting started or contact me to setup a complimentary consultation.