Boosting Immunity with Essential Oils!

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Back to school is such a fun time! Kids are excited to be reunited with their friends and meet their new teachers, and parents are excited to not have to figure out how to entertain their kiddos during those long, hot summer days. Sometimes back to school is met with starting at a new school and each new year kids are faced with new challenges and learning opportunities! It also means we are heading into the fall and winter months – the time of year where the most germs seem to make their way into our lives and homes!

One of my first exposures to essential oils was when I found myself coming down with something on the second day of a family vacation. A wonderful family friend asked me if I was open to natural forms of healthcare and I, thankfully, said yes! I learned from that first oil experience how much essential oils can positively affect the immune system. After just a few days of exposure to the oils, my body felt better and I knew there was something BIG about these oils.

In my opinion, the immune boosting benefits are one of the greatest gifts my family has experienced as a result of incorporating oils into our daily routine. In a time when most families are passing germs, I feel like we are equipped with a natural resource to support all of our bodies. Its a super empowering feeling to know we are taking proactive steps to improve our immune systems versus reactively figuring out what to do once we are already exposed.

OnGuard is dōTERRA’s protective blend and is an oil we use daily in our home for its immune boosting properties. My husband, Mike, and I take it internally while the kids have their little immunity defense rollerball they run along the bottoms of their feet in the morning and at night. The benefits of this amazing oil blend have repeatedly made themselves known in our home!

The cool thing about having these essential oils in our home is the fact that so many of them have immune boosting benefits. You may be using an essential oil like Melaleuca or Frankincense for skin support but both of those oils also have been scientifically proven to support the immune system. It’s pretty cool when you realize that instead of the negative side effects we are so much accustomed to with over the counters, there are solutions available to us through plants that can help you experience positive side effects!

My kids are super young and both are getting ready to go to preschool in the next few weeks – my son for the first time. I am so beyond thankful to have these tools in our home to feel like I have more control and opportunities to keep them healthy. I think about what we did before having oils in our home and feel super grateful we aren’t in that place any longer. That is also what drives me to share information with other individuals and families about dōTERRA’s CPTG essential oils, because the reality is you don’t know until you know, but when you finally know, you are empowered!