Oils FAQs

Are essential oils safe?

Yes, when used properly, essential oils can be a great addition to your overall healthy lifestyle. Essential oils are potent and volatile compounds, which means they are super efficient in supporting our bodies. That being said, not all oils are created equally! When using essential oils for their benefits, you always want to make sure you are using a pure and unadulterated product! Most essential oils available on the market today do not meet the same quality and purity standards as my favorite oils available through dōTERRA.

How can I use essential oils?

We use our essential oils in three ways – topically, aromatically and internally. When applying topically we use a carrier oil to dilute them (our favorite is dōTERRA’s Fractionated Coconut Oil but you can use Almond Oil, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, etc.). The benefit to diluting essential oils is to help ensure the oils absorb into the skin and to reduce any potential skin sensitivity as pure essential oils can be very potent! For aromatic use, which is amazing for mood support and cleansing the air in your home, office, car, etc., we love diffusing the oils or even smelling them directly out of the bottle. For internal use, something that is unique to dōTERRA, we enjoy adding a drop or two of essential oil to our water (citrus oils are my fav) or placing the oils in a veggie capsule and taking like you would your daily supplements, etc.

Can I use essential oils on my kids?

Yes! This is one of the biggest blessings we have found since incorporating oils into our daily routine. My kids LOVE the oils and ask for them regularly. We use them to support their little immune systems, ease occasional upset tummies, help soothe them and encourage relaxation in the evenings and at nap time, and so much more! With our babies, we are always careful to dilute more heavily to support their young and sensitive skin (see THIS dilution chart for more information). I always tell parents to do what is within their comfort zone. For us, we felt comfortable using them on our children and have been since our daughter was a year old and my son was a newborn.

How often can I use essential oils?

As needed within moderation! Essential oils support our bodies at the cellular level so as long as you are using them within moderation (oftentimes one drop is enough), you can re-apply regularly (usually every hour or two or as needed). Again, my advice is to always do whats within your comfort zone and error on the side of less is more…because with essential oils, a little goes a long way!

How do I know what to do once I get my oils?

By starting your essential oil journey with me, you automatically become part of my oil family! We are a group of like-minded people devoted to living a more natural and holistic lifestyle. We have private Facebook groups, offer weekly online team classes where we teach on different topics each week and I am available to you as a resource in any capacity you may need! The thing I love about dōTERRA and our team specifically is the endless amount of support and love we have for one another!