As they say on every Southwest flight, “We know you have many choices when it comes to flying….”, there are a ton of different options when it comes to purchasing essential oils. You can run down to the local health food store more recently even larger retailers like WalMart and Hobby Lobby are jumping on the essential oil bandwagon! While it is amazing more and more people are realizing the amazing healing benefits essential oils provide, it is also an opportunity for people to capitalize on a growing phenomenon.

Due to the fact we use essential oils for the health and wellness benefits and regularly apply them to our small children, purity and potency is something super important to us! dōTERRA knows there isn’t and industry wide quality control standard in place, so they have created their own! Each bottle of dōTERRA essential oil goes through a triple-blind testing process and at the end they are stamped with the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade stamp. This ensures each batch of dōTERRA essential oil is consistent and free of chemicals, herbicides, pesticides and other foreign substances. I love the peace of mind in knowing our oils are beyond organic and pure. To learn more about CPTG, click HERE.

In addition to the quality and purity of dōTERRA’s essential oils, I love the humanitarian work the company does through its Co-Impact Sourcing Initiative and Healing Hands Foundation. dōTERRA believes plants will grow the best in their native environments, where the soil and weather are optimal, so they have chosen to source their oils from countries all around the world. They team up with farmers in countries across the globe and work to improve their business infrastructure as well as to support the people living in the areas they work in. dōTERRA is building schools and homes, helping educate and empower individuals who generally wouldn’t have access to education opportunities and work to bring clean water to underprivileged areas, just to name a few. I absolutely love supporting and representing a company that does such amazing work here in the US but all around the world as well! To learn more about Co-impact sourcing, click HERE.